Abydos: the city of After Life

“I have chosen the land of Truth just after I was betrayed”. Maybe these were the words of God Osiris in the Great Court of Gods and he decided not to go back to life to rule Egypt again. But the Egyptians gave him that small city in their lives which is Abydos.



Most of the trips to this small village start from Luxor , 3 hours driving the agriculture road makes the trip a little boring, but we still can be entertained by the nice scenes of the Egyptian country side.

Not many services at this village, only a small decent 3stars hotel only inhabited by few meditators. The so much mystery and magic filling the myth of god Osiris and his beautiful wife Goddess Isis (goddess of beauty and magic) made them the most famous sacred couple of ancient Egyptian Gods. And that made Abydos a famous attraction for the seekers of the meaning of love, dedications and justice.

Although it was the most sacred city in ancient Egyptian times, but only few kings interested in this city, kings of the 1st and the 2nd dynasty liked to be buried at Abydos to be identified with God Osiris.

Then the place had no great interest of the later kings for more than 1300 years till the time of kings Seti 1st (who belongs to God Set god of desert and evil and the main enemy of God Osiris ).

It’s not weird that this great king to give a great interest to God Osiris. He was a very wise ruler to guarantee the popularity of this king supporting his ruling.


King Seti 1st and other 3 gods( God Ptah, god Amon and img_4319God Re Hour Akhty) shared god Osiris and his wife goddess Isis and their son god hours their temple. And that made us think that this smart man Seti wanted not to centralize the religious power in the hands of one god.



May be it was not the greatest temple when it was built, but the recent condition of this temple with it’s amazing carvings and unique fresh colors compared to all other ancient egyptian temples makes it one of the most well preserved temples of Egypt.



The feelings of being connected and the understanding of the Egyptian imagination of the nature of their gods is quite strong here, it simply increased from the moment I entered the colonnade hall till I felt overwhelmed at the shrine of God Osiris and it’s back galleries.

The most important scenes in this temple are the stolen kings list made by king Ramses the 2nd and displayed now at El LOUVRE museum in Paris. And it is considered one of the most important source of ancient Egyptian kings names. Although it neglected the first and 2nd intermediate periods and famous kings like Hatchepsut and Akhenaton.

Also you can’t miss the scene of the corrupted inscriptions to make them look like a helicopter , tank and a blimp , which may be some one add some carvings to the original ones to make them look this way.

Just behind the temple is the most sacred place during the ancient egyptian times , it’s the tomb of God Osiris or the Osiron , the funny thing about it now that its partly flooded with ground water which inhabited with catfishes, one of the most unwelcomed creatures in this place as the legend mentioned that catfish ate god Osiris’s sexual genitalia.


Just 2 minutes away walking towards north lies the small temple of king Ramses the 2nd . the temple is mostly destroyed but still remains of scenes with amazingly fresh colors.




With all the legends and mysteries about the place, and also the amazing scenes in the temple of king Seti the first , and the sentimental experience I got there I would recommend Abydos as one of the most important temple people have to visit in Egypt , but unfortunately most of tourists are not having enough time to be there but it may be a privilege, cause if you are lucky enough to get there you will really appreciate that you can enjoy this experience without the disturbance of so much crowed at Luxor.



Written and photos by Ahmed Nady

For more info : ah.nady15@gmail.com

Or : Facebook



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